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▼ Q. What time can I check-in?

Check-in time is from 4 PM to 10 PM. We can accept and store your luggage earlier in the day before you check in.
Please let us know if you plan to arrive at Haneda airport late at night.
*all late check-ins (except for train and airline delays) will incur an extra charge of 500 yen per room.
*we may not be able to accept check-ins after 24 p.m., except advance notice.

▼ Q. What time can I check-out?

Check-out time is to 10 AM.
We will happily store your luggage the day you check-out so you can pick it up later.

▼ Q. Do you enforce a curfew?

No, there is no curfew. After check-in you are free to come and go as you wish!

▼ Q. Is there an individual lock on each room?

Yes, each room has an individual lock and key. Your safety is our first priority!

▼ Q. Do you provide meals for guests?

We do not provide meals for guests, nor do we have a restaurant in the guest house.
However, there are several convenience stores nearby such as FamilyMart and 7-Eleven. There are also many restaurants within walking distance of the guest house.

▼ Q. How far in advance/late can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made up to three months in advance, though we also accept walk-in reservations if there are rooms available.
Please contact us for specific vacancy information.

▼ Q. Do you have a refrigerator and/or microwave?

We have a refrigerator, microwave, toaster, and an electric kettle available free of charge.

▼ Q. Are there shower rooms?

We have 3 shower rooms. In addition, there are also 2 public bathes including a local hot spring within a few blocks walking distance.

▼ Q. Do you offer rental towels?

Yes. Our rate is 200 yen per bath towel. We offer free bath towel for a private room user.

▼ Q. Do you provide internet access available?

Free WiFi is available on every floor.
If you need more nformation of any kind, please feel free to contact us.

▼ Q. Do you have laundry facilities?

Yes. Use of our washing machine (detergent included) is 200 yen per cycle.
The dryer is 100 yen for 10 minutes.

▼ Q. Do you have a parking lot??

Bicycle parking is available, but parking for cars and motorcycles is not (public pay parking lots are available nearby).

▼ Q. Can my friends visit me at the guest house?

Sorry, for security purposes we don’t allow outside visitors.

▼ Q. Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is prohibited in our guest house, but there is a smoking area in front of the guest house.

▼ Q. Are there any restaurants nearby?

Yes! There are a wide range of restaurants ranging from Shinagawa’s local specialty “tempura” to traditional Japanese food, sushi, ramen, Korean barbecue, Chinese and other ethnic cuisine, all within walking distance.

See Surrounding Area for more information

▼ Q. Is it possible to send the luggage to Guest Shinagawa Shuku in advance ?

The answer is yes. Please write down your reservation name and check-in date, otherwise we might not receive your luggage here.
(If there is a luggage without our reservation name, we would open, and keep it for 10 days. Nobody comes and picks up the luggage in that period, we would send it back to the sender with cash on delivery)

▼ Q. Do you accept credit cards?

The answer is yes. VISA, Master and American Express Card are available excluding the case in which your check-in time is after 10 p.m. and moreover check-out time is earlier than 7 a.m.