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Surrounding Area and Event Information

Surrounding Area

An Abundance of Eateries

Our guest house is located near a business district, so many nearby restaurants offer lunchtime specials at competitive prices.
A variety of restaurants serving sushi, Korean barbecue, soba noodles, Japanese bar food, Western-style and Chinese food are all accessible by foot.
Shops serving deep batter-fried tempura and ramen noodles, local Shinagawa specialties, are also a short walk away.

Historical Properties

Historical Post Town Shinagawa

Shinagawa flourished as a post town on the Tokaido Trail from Tokyo to Kyoto in the 17th century Edo period. Shinagawa is rich with history; as you stroll through the town you can enjoy its numerous temples and shrines. Even as it has evolved into a business district, if you walk a bit past the buildings you can enjoy a smaller town with a friendly old-time atmosphere.

We particularly recommend visiting Buddhist temples. From them you can see skyscrapers above, downtown buildings below: a simultaneous sampling of retro and modern Tokyo.

Event Information

January New Year’s Day
Coming‐of‐Age Ceremony
(You can see 20 year-old women wearing traditional Kimono)
February Setsubun bean-throwing festival at Shinagawa Shrine
March Girls’ Day
April Shinagawa Canal Festival
May Children’s Day
June Northern Tennohsai Festival
August Travel Beer Garden
September   Shinagawa Post-Town Festival
October Oeshiki (Buddhist mass)
December Christmas Live Concert

June : Tennohsai Festival

Beer Garden

August : Travel Beer Garden

Shinagawa Post-Town Festival

September : Post-Town Festival