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12 Minutes Walking Distance from JR/Keikyu Shinagawa Station

JR Shinagawa Station

JR Shinagawa Station

Shinagawa Station, the convenient access point for shinkansen bullet trains and Haneda Airport, is located 12 minutes by foot from the guest house.

Accessing Shinagawa Station from Other Major Terminals

Tokyo Station  8 minutes via JR Yamanote Line
Haneda Airport  17 minutes via Keikyu Airport Express
Narita Airport  68 minutes via JR Narita Express

Walking Directions Shinagawa Station → Guest House (12 minutes)

Shinagawa Station Takanawa (West) Exit

[1] Exit the turnstile, then exit the station by descending the staircase at the Takanawa (West) Exit.

Shinagawa Station

[2]Turn left at the rotary – do not cross the street! Continue to walk straight ahead, following the main road running parallel to the train tracks.

Ramen Shina-tatsu

[3] Eventually you will see a line of ramen shops labeled “麺達七人衆 品達”. Continue walking straight ahead with the ramen shops on your left.

the first intersection

[4] At the first intersection, cross the street, turn left and cross the bridge. (There will be a small wooden sign on the bridge that reads “Shinagawa-shuku” with an arrow pointing to the left.)
*Please be sure you cross the bridge AFTER crossing the street!

Rail crossing

[5] Once you cross the bridge, you will see two railroad crossings (marked by yellow and black poles). Please crsoss the tracks on the right.
*This is the entrance of Shinagawa-shuku.


[6] Continue walking straight ahead. The Guest House is two doors past the FamilyMart. Look for green noren curtains and a green sign with a backpacker on it!

Keikyu Kita-Shinagawa Station → Guest House (2 minutes)

Exit the turnstile and turn left. (There is only one.)
At the first corner, turn left, and cross the train tracks. Turn right and continue walking. Shinagawa-shuku’s green sign will soon come into view. The guest hosue is two doors past the FamilyMart on the left side of the street.

15 minutes by foot from Rinkai/Monorail Line Tennozu Isle Station (Access to Odaiba, Tokyo Disney Resort)

The guest house is located 15 minutes walking distance from Tennozu Isle Station. Odaiba is one stop, and Kokusai Tenjijo (home of the Tokyo Big Sight convention center) is two stops away on the Rinkai Line. Maihama Station, home of Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, is 21 minutes away via the Rinkai Line.

Rinkai Line Tennozu Isle Station → Guest House (15 minutes)

[1] Exit the station via Exit B and turn left.
[2] Turn left at the Tennozu Isle (天王洲アイル) intersection with the highway running over it.
[3] Go straight past the highway and cross the bridge.
[4] Turn right at the third traffic light. (東海道北品川: Tokaido Shinagawa)
[5] Now you are on a road which is colored and has street lights. Go straight for 5 minutes and keep your eyes open for our green sign. We are on the right side of the street. If you reach the FamilyMart, go back a bit – you’ve walked right past us!

Tokyo Monorail Tennozu Isle Station → Guest House (15 minutes)

[1] Exit the station via the South Exit. You will see the Tennozu Isle Intersection with the highway running above it.
[2] Follow steps 2-5 for Rinkai Line Tennozu Isle

Address and Map

1-22-16 Kita-shinagawa Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 140-0001, JAPAN
TEL.+81-3-6712-9440 FAX.+81-3-6712-9443

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