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Reasons to Stay at Shinagawa-Shuku

Easy Access to Public Transportation

Easy Access from Narita and Haneda Airport
The nearest JR Station (Shinagawa) is 17 minutes from Haneda Airport and 68 minutes from Narita Airport.
Shinagawa Station Terminal
Shinagawa Station is one of the largest railway terminals in Tokyo, providing access to 47 train lines including the Tokaido Shinkansen, JR and Keikyu lines, and the subway. This convenience makes it an invaluable resource for the travelers who want to do and see as much as they can. Additionally it provides direct access to popular shopping and sightseeing destinations including Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ginza, Akihabara, Ueno, Asakusa, Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Disneyland, Yokohama, and more!
2 minutes by foot from the nearest station and 12 minutes by foot from JR/Keikyu Shinagawa Station
Guest House Shinagawa-shuku is located 2 minutes walking distance from Keikyu Kita-shinagawa Station and 12 minutes walking distance from JR/Keikyu Shinagawa Station.

See Access and Transportation for more information

Local Hospitality

Around Town
Around Town
Around Town
We pride ourselves on our guest house’s role in the Shinagawa-shuku community.
We regularly plan international exchange activities and participate in local events to help aide the cultural revival of the surrounding area.
Historical Post Town “Shinagawa-shuku”
During the 17th century Edo Period, the ruling Shogunate maintained 5 main roads leading to Tokyo. Shinagawa was the last stop of the Tokaido Trail which stretched between Kyoto and Tokyo, with Shinagawa-shuku established as the final post (rest station) for travelers. Although in recent years the main street of Shinagawa-shuku has changed over to a residential shopping district, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of the old-fashioned town. The shopping district is well-lit at night, making it safe for women and men alike.
Local Cafes, Restaurants, Public Bath and Convenience Stores
There are many cafes and restaurants, izakaya (Japanese-style bars) and ramen shops near the guest house. When you’d like to relax, we recommend the public bath located 3 blocks away. There is a 24-hour convenience store “FamilyMart” 2 doors down.
Historical Landmarks and Local Festivals
Shinagawa, which flourished as a Rest Stop in the 17th Century Edo Period, has many shrines and historical landmarks. A vibrant local festival culture also remains, allowing you to experience the wonderful atmosphere of Old Tokyo.

See Surrounding Area for more information


Travel-Loving Staff
Starting with the owner Taka, who has traveled all over Asia, everyone on our staff loves to travel!
We use our experience as travelers to offer attentive service and care to our guests. We’re more than happy to answer your questions about sight-seeing spots and happily dispense all sorts of advice, so feel free to let us know what you’d like to eat, see and do during your stay.
Name Taka
Hometown  Tokyo
Position Owner
Japanese, English, Korean (studying)
Hobbies Open-ended travel
Message Please enjoy all of Shinagawa-shuku!
Name Miyuki , DO
Hometown  Yokohama city
Position Manager, Front Desk Receptionist
Japanese, English, Korean
Hobbies Reading, Having a cup of coffee
Message ENJOY everything with us!
Name Wada
Hometown  Tokyo, Saitama, Mie, Hokkaido
Position Front Desk Receptionist, Web Director, Local Housewife
Japanese, English
Hobbies Travel, App development
Message I look forward to chatting with you guys!
Name Santos
Hometown  Gunma Pref.
Position Front Desk Receptionist
Japanese, English, Korean(studying)
Hobbies Playing guiter, Cycling
Message Come to Shinagawa and let’s enjoy chatting with me!
Name Okabe
Hometown  Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka pref.
Position Front Desk Receptionist
Japanese, English
Hobbies Tea ceremony, Rakugo, Awa Dance
Message Enjoy Japan!
Name Taku
Hometown  Yokohama, Kamakura
Position Front Desk Receptionist
Japanese, English (Studying)
Hobbies Soccer, Trip, Play with children
Message Please come to Japan(Tokyo)!!
I will show you around Tokyo at that time.
Name Yoshi
Hometown  Chiba
Position Front Desk Receptionist
Japanese, English
Hobbies Too many
Name Hide (Nino)
Hometown  Oita, Japan
Position Front Desk Receptionist
Japanese, English, French
Hobbies Playing the ukulele, basketball, travelling & eating
Message Let’s share some good time together in Shinagawa!

Personalized Service
Being a small guest house means we have time to speak with every single guest. Our common room also encourages interaction between guests. We encourage you to relax and enjoy conversing with others.

Message from the Owner

Guest House Shinagawa-shuku Owner Takayuki Watanabe

Owner Takayuki Watanabe

Hello! I am the owner of Guest House Shinagawa-shuku, Takayuki Watanabe.

I founded this guest house not only for the safety and well-being of our guests, but also for them to experience the charm of the Shinagawa-shuku area.

Guest House Shinagawa-shuku values relationships between people, whether they be local residents who help support the guest house, or the wide variety of guests we welcome with open arms:
employees busy working in Tokyo, travelers seeing the world at their own pace, people who simply want to take it slow for a while…

We strive to accomodate men and women young and old, regardless of age or nationality, so that they may have the best stay possible.

Because of our small size, we’re able to offer service with a genuine smile, something that’s become quite rare in this large city of Tokyo.

We do our best to carry the voice of the local community and broadcast information about the Shinagawa-shuku area as far as we can.

We hope you’ll come stay and enjoy the communal atmosphere at Guest House Shinagawa-shuku.

Takayuki Watanabe